We have just opened the August edition for Bumpa Powered Sales programme. 

100 business owners who want to run sales this month will receive financial and marketing support from Bumpa. 

The Bumpa Powered Sales programme was created to help business owners on Bumpa attract more customers and make more sales through their Bumpa website. 

We’ve recorded a huge success with our past editions of the Powered Sales with over 100 merchants receiving lots of cashback and experiencing 5 times more sales. 

Why Is Bumpa Doing Powered Sales?

There are a number of reasons why we decided to do this in support of Bumpa merchants. 

  1. To encourage website sales: Many business owners are still learning how to get more customers to buy from their Bumpa website and the Powered Sales programme is designed to help you get a significant increase in website sales.
  2. Attract new customers: Customers love discounts. We believe that when you, as the business owner, run discounted sales, it will help you attract more customers that want to buy great products at great prices. 
  3. Help customers make more profit: Usually when you run sales you lose money because you sell things at a cheaper rate than you usually would. With the cashback we will provide, users can increase their discounts and sell more products during the sales period.
  4. Get customers familiar with the discount and coupon feature: Bumpa powered sales will help customers see how easy & stress free running sales can be, when they do it on Bumpa. 
  5. To attract more business owners: Frankly speaking, there’s something in it for us too. We believe that with the support you get from us and the ease you get running sales, you will definitely tell your business friends about Bumpa. 

What Are The Benefits of the Bumpa Powered Sales?

  1. Cash Back: At the end of your sales period, we will calculate all the sales you make and send you 5% of that amount as our own way of supporting you. This 5% cash back can go as high as 50, 000 naira.  
  2. Graphic design assistance: Our design team will provide you with free graphic design templates to increase awareness for your sales.
  3. Sales Ebook: We will give you a free sales book, to help you learn more about running profitable sales. 
  4. Marketing assistance: If you are on our Bumpa Pro subscription plan, with at least 2k followers and 20 recorded offline orders, our marketing manager will be helping you with Facebook and Instagram ads. 
  5. Priority customer support: Your needs will be given top priority during your sales period. 

How To Be A Part of Bumpa Powered Sales.

  1. You should have at least 10 products listed on your Bumpa app and be ready to run discounted sales. 
  2. You should  be ready to make at least 1 video post about your sales or the products you’re selling and tag us on Instagram. 
  3. Apply to be a part of the Powered Sales. 
  4. After your application has been sent, you will be contacted via email on the status of your application. 
  5. When chosen, a member of the Bumpa team will take you through the entire process of receiving your resources from Bumpa and driving your sales. 

Applications for this cohort will start on Monday the 15th of August and end on the 19th of August. 

Apply before the slots get filled up!

Apply here.

For more information on the Bumpa Powered sales, please send an email to [email protected]

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