“I enjoy the Bumpa free plan. Why should I get a Bumpa business plan?”

“Can I remove the .bumpa.shop behind my website name? I just want a .com”

“Can I run Facebook ads with my Bumpa website?”

“I have a salesgirl. How can I add her to my Bumpa app to run my business ?”

‘This your connecting Bumpa to Instagram DM. How do I do it?”

These are some of the numerous questions we get from many business owners across Nigeria, about our Bumpa subscription plans.

What Are Bumpa Subscription Plans?

A Bumpa Subscription plan or a Bumpa Business Plan is a paid package where business owners on Bumpa unlock benefits and extra management tools that are not available on the Bumpa Free plan. 

There are 3 types of Bumpa Subscription Plans: Bumpa Free, Bumpa Starter, and Bumpa Pro. 

What Subscription Plan Fits You?

Different business owners on Bumpa have different business sizes, needs and therefore need different subscription plans. 

  1. The small business owner who only has 10 overall products and sells 2 - 3 items per week.
  2. The business owner who has 20 products in total and records around 3 - 7 sales per week.
  3. The serious business owner who makes about  5 - 15 sales per day and averages 50 sales per week, looks to increase them & make more sales. 
  4. The established business owner who already has a large number of very loyal customers receives 50 -100  orders per week, and what need is a better way to manage their business. 
  5. The business owner who not only processes lots of orders daily but sells on different platforms like: Instagram, WhatsApp, Konga and even has different shops in different locations.

If you fall into one of these categories, Bumpa has a subscription plan that fits you. 

Bumpa Free Subscription Plan. 

Cost: $0

The Bumpa free subscription plan is for business owners who are new to doing business, have few customers, and are just starting to build their business, so they have few business needs.

These are the things a business owner on a Bumpa Free plan can enjoy: 

  1. Free business website: You get a business website you can create in less than 5 minutes to sell products to your customers. 
  2. Display & Sell Products: You can add up to 25 products to your website and sell to your customers.
  3. Issue Invoices/Receipts: You can create an unlimited number of invoices and receipts for your customers. 
  4. Record Sales: You can record up to 50 sales safely to the cloud, where they can not be lost, destroyed, wiped, or damaged.
  5. Analytics: You can view your gross profit, best-selling product, least-selling product, etc on the app. 
  6.  Messaging: Receive 20 Bumpa messaging credits to send Bulk SMS and customized emails to your customers. 
  7. Discounts and Coupons: You can create discounts and coupons for your products. 
  8. Ads: You can run Facebook and Instagram ads with your free website link. 

Limitations of the Bumpa Free Plan 

  1. Products: You can only upload a maximum of 25 products to sell at any given time. 
  2. Website: Your website comes with a .bumpa.shop behind it. If you want to replace it with a .com or .ng you should use the Bumpa Pro or Bumpa Starter Plan. 
  3. Record Sales: You can only record 50 transactions per month on the Bumpa Free plan. 
  4. Ads: You can not integrate a Facebook pixel on your free Bumpa website to get better converting ads. 
  5. Messaging: Users on other plans get as high as 1000 messaging credits to send bulk SMS and customized emails to customers. 
  6. Staff Account: The option to add up to 3 staff members to your Bumps account is unavailable on Bumpa Free. 
  7. Multi-currency checkout: You are restricted to receiving payment in Naira only. 
  8. Website Customisation: You are given the same kind of website as everyone else. Users on the paid plans can customize their website with more colors, layouts, newsletter sign-up, and so much more. 
  9. Connected Apps:  Integrations like Google analytics are unavailable on the Free Plan.
  10. Business Account on Invoices & Checkout: On the free plan, your personal account details are not included on invoices & the checkout page. Whilst you can still get paid through 5 different means, the payment goes through a payment gateway. On any of the paid plans, your personal business account is linked to both invoices and the checkout page so that you can receive payment directly

How To Get Started With Bumpa Free.

Download the Bumpa app and create your free account!

Bumpa Starter Subscription Plan.

Cost: 2500 naira per month/13,500 for 6 months

The Bumpa Starter Plan usually suits the business owner who averages about 10 - 20 sales in a week and requires some special features. 

Asides from getting all the benefits on the Bumpa Free Plan, these are the extra benefits you get on a Bumpa Starter Plan: 

  1. Optimized business website: Your business website is better SEO optimized on the Bumpa Starter Plan. This means it is easier for people to find your business through Google search. 
  2. Display & Sell Products: You can upload and sell an unlimited number of products on your website.  
  3. Record Sales: You can record all the sales you make from any channel on Bumpa with the Bumper Starter Plan. 
  4. Analytics: You get better-detailed business analytics on the app, in TXT, CSV formats, and via email
  5. Messaging Credits: You get up to 500 messaging credits to send bulk SMS and emails to customers from your Bumpa app.
  6. Website Customisation. You can customize your website with different colors and themes on a Bumpa Starter plan.
  7. Bank account information on invoices/checkout: Asides from having five options to receive payment on the free plan, on a Bumpa Starter plan, your personal business account is linked to both invoices and the checkout page so that you can receive payment directly and immediately to your account.
  8. Meta Integration: You can connect your Instagram DM to your Bumpa app on the Bumpa Starter Plan and send products, request payment, share invoices & receipts and record sales in your Instagram DM.

Limitations of the Bumpa Starter Plan.

  1. Messaging Credits: Businesses on the Bumpa pro plan enjoy 1000 messaging credits. 
  2. Staff Account: You cannot add any staff member or sales person to manage your business on your Bumpa account.
  3. Multi-Currency Checkout: You can only receive payment in Naira on the Bumpa Starter Plan.
  4. Custom Domain Name: You are eligible to get a custom domain name on the Starter Plan, but you will have to buy the domain separately.

How to get Started on Bumpa Starter Plan

Click here or open your Bumpa app and select Starter when you Upgrade to Premium.

Bumpa Pro Plan

Cost: 5000 naira per month/ 27,000 for 6 months.

People on a Pro plan get the benefits of the Bumpa Starter and Bumpa Pro plan, plus these:

  1. Staff Account: You can add up to 3 staff members or salespeople to manage your business on Bumpa
  2. Multi-Currency Checkout: You can receive payment in both Naira and dollars if you use a Bumpa Pro Plan
  3. Messaging Credits: You get up to 1000 messaging credits to send Bulk SMS and emails to customers
  4. Free custom domain name: A .com.ng domain comes with the Bumpa Pro plan for free, and you can pay for a .com,.ng, .inc for your website if you prefer. 
  5. Meta Integration: Businesses on the Bumpa Pro Plan can connect their Bumpa app to Instagram and start receiving Instagram DMs directly on their Bumpa app and sell 5x faster on Instagram
  6. Priority Support: Businesses on Bumpa Pro are given special priority where their business needs are concerned. 
  7. Business Success Manager: Businesses on the Pro plan get access to a Business Success Manager who will provide them with one on one business coaching and provide them with resources and advice to grow their business. 

Limitations of the Bumpa Pro Plan

There are no limitations to the Bumpa Pro plan. In fact, when Bumpa thinks of creating and testing new features, the requests of businesses on the Pro plan are first attended to and developed.

How to get started on the Bumpa Pro Plan

Click here or open your Bumpa app, click on More, and Upgrade to Premium.

If you have any questions on any Bumpa Subscription plan, please send an email to [email protected]

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