There are 3 ways to create ads on Instagram.

  1. Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Facebook Business Manager
  3. Directly through your Instagram account. 

We published an article earlier on how to create Click to DM ads through Facebook Ad Manager, but some people find using the Facebook Business Manager easier and this article will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a click-to-DM ad on Instagram, using your Facebook Business Manager.

What's The Difference Between Running An Ad Through Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Ad Manager

  • Facebook Ad Manager is more detailed and requires more information or specifics.
  • It is often used by professionals, intermediate people, or people that have a bit of experience with running ads
  • It has more ad options than Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Business Manager

  • Beginners or business owners new to running Instagram ads often prefer using the Business Manager because is simple and straightforward.
  • You have fewer steps to take in setting up an ad from the Business Manager.
If you want to learn how to run Instagram click to dm ads through the Facebook Ads Manager, check our article here.

Before we delve into the guide of run a click-to DM ad on Instagram, let's talk about why you should run one in the first place.

Why You Should Run A Click To DM ad on Instagram

  1. Your customers are on Instagram: Let's face it. Instagram has over 2 billion users. 70% of those people chose where they want to buy and what they want to buy on Instagram. Let's face it, even if you're selling coffins on Instagram, you'll still find your target audience there.
  2. Instagram ads work: The way Instagram ads are set up, you see them everywhere. Your Instagram feed, Explore page, Instagram story, and even in different places on Facebook. This will be what at least 10 million people can potentially see. No other platform can give you that.
  3. It's one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do marketing: Every business needs marketing because without customers you can't make sales, without sales, no profit, without profit, no business. Instagram ads are easier to set up than Google ads, cheaper than TV ads, or even printing flyers and other marketing tactics.

How to Create A Click to DM Ad

  • Open your Facebook Business Manager. 
  • Click on Create Ad.
  • Click on Get More Messages as your Ad Goal.

  • Ad Creative: here you can choose if you want to use a post on your Instagram feed for your ad. 
  • Description: Write a short and catchy detail of your ad. 
  • Advantage + Creative: Slide the button on this section. This will allow Facebook to create variations of your ad based on where it will be shown and to who it will be shown. 
  • Media: Here you can select up to 5 images/videos you want to use for your ad. 

  • Headline: This is a short line that will be at the bottom of your ad. 
  • Special Ad Category: Don't click on this since you're running an ad for your business.
  • Messaging apps: Click on the apps you want to receive messages on Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp.

  • Welcome message: You can write a welcome message, that anyone that enters your Instagram DM will get. You can also write up to 3 frequently asked questions and provide automated responses for them. These questions will be suggested to the people in your DM and when they click on them, the responses will pop up whether you're online or not. 
  • Audience: This is where you select who should see your ad. You can choose an Advantage audience or People you choose through targeting. It is best to select your audience based on your business and who is most likely to patronize you. You can edit the audience based on: Gender, Age range, Location, Detailed targeting: demographic, interest, and behavior.

  • Improvements to ad delivery. You can select extra sections of people to see your ad such as people who like your page or are similar to them or any old audience you've used before. 
  • Schedule and Duration: Enter the date your will Start and End. 
  • Daily Budget: Here you can choose how much you want to spend on the ad daily. Facebook will tell you the number of people you can reach based on your budget.

  • Placements: Choose where your ad will be placed: Messenger, IG, Facebook
  • Select your payment method. 
  • Click on Promote Now. 

And just like that, you've set up your Click To DM ad on Instagram! Need more tips on Instagram ads and business growth? Follow us @getbumpa on social media!

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