By Precious O'Dahunsi

One of the questions I get asked a lot, as someone that handles marketing is this:

How do I get people to buy from my website?

This question comes from two kinds of people:

  • The person who doesn't have a business website and is considering the benefits of selling with a Bumpa website.
  • Sellers who have created a Bumpa website, but their customers still come to buy in their WhatsApp or Instagram dm, and therefore still stressing them.

To be honest, I get this specific question more from batch B, because some people expect that once they create a business website, all their business worries are over and customers will just start rushing them like fresh agege bread.

It's quite amusing and often times I ask them a simple question:

If you create an Instagram account now, do you automatically expect to have a 100,000 followers simply because you created the account?

Oftentimes, actually all the time, the answer is No.

However, they also know that a social media account well used can grow into thousands of followers, give them great connections, become a means of income etc.

This is the same with Bumpa. Bumpa will definitely provide you with everything you need, to make conducting business easier, make more sales, get more customers etc, but it is a tool and if you don't use it well, you won't get the best results from it.

So, regardless of whether you fall into the first or second set of people, I'm here to answer that question for you.

But you know like they say,

If you don't understand the problem well enough, you can't find the perfect solution.

So, this is what we're going to do in this article:

  1. Highlight the benefits of your customers using your website.
  2. Show you reasons why your customers are not using your website.
  3. What to do to drive people to your website and make them buy from you.

The Benefits of Customers Using Your Bumpa Website

You can’t sell what you don’t believe in and I think one major reason why sellers don’t get customers to use their website is that they themselves don’t fully understand the benefits of using a business website and I’ll show you.

I. Every order in your store is automatically processed and recorded

This simply means that when a customer buys anything from your store, the sale is automatically recorded, so you don't have to go through the stress of recording it on your Bumpa app. 

Your customers also receive automatic WhatsApp and email notifications that their order has been processed and their receipts are automatically created.

This is a great time saver especially if you have a lot of customers and you have many things to do.

II. It will make referrals easier

Imagine if I was your customer and I know you have an active website. When I need to refer you to my friends all I need to do is to share your website link with them. 

These people can immediately check out your products and buy from you instead of saying hi and waiting for you to respond or for you to come online or for BEDC to bring the light in your house so that you can respond to their inquiries.

III. It will save you time & money

You know that thing where you list products on your Instagram with the price but customers will still come into your dm to ask for the same price of the product or what colors are available? 😭

Using your website saves you all of that.

They go to the website, pick what they want with any spec they like without disturbing you.

IV. Analytics

So, there’s an awesome feature on the Bumpa app that is linked to your Bumpa website.

You get to see the number of people that visit your website. That now makes it easy for you to get their details and reach out to them.

Your Instagram, WhatsApp etc., can not tell you who came to check your page but didn't buy anything.

Bumpa will tell you that and you can reach out to them to find out why they didn't buy and maybe convince them to get something from you. 

V. SEO/Advertising

Your Bumpa website can be integrated with a Facebook and Google ad pixel.

What this means is that you can run Instagram, Facebook, and Google adverts with your website. 

The way it works is this: as Facebook & Google pushes your products to different people, when they are watching a YouTube video, searching the internet, as they are watching an Instagram ad, they can see your website and instantly buy products without having to disturb you or wait till you are online.

Also, the more people visit your website, the more your website becomes visible to more people around the world.

Additionally, if you want to set up a Google My Business account, having a functioning and active website is almost a necessity and will do your business visibility a world of good.

VI. Customer Management

When your customers use your website, their details are saved on your Bumpa app and this means that you can always reach them anytime you need.

For example, WhatsApp dms get full all the time and you may forget a customer’s number or even their name and that's the end of that relationship unless they come back to you, but if they use your website, you always have their contact details and it can never get lost.

VII. Ability to set up your own business email address

See, don’t say I told you this one o. It’s a secret that not all business owners have.

So, the thing is Bumpa has some paid plans where you get your own domain name.

Let me explain this. Let's say the name of my business is: Geek Business.

On Bumpa's free plan, the name of my website will be:

If I'm on the paid plan, I get my own domain name, and my website link will be: or

Now, if one of your goals is to look very very professional, you can actually create a special email address, because you have your own domain name.

So, my email address can carry my website name, which will now be [email protected] In fact, if I employ Chidi as a staff member, I can create a special email address for him too: [email protected]

Isn’t that cool? 😎

VII. Chase Away Beggi-Beggi Family & Friends

An underrated benefit of using your website is actually to deal with family and friends who either don't want to pay for your goods and services or want to buy from you at ridiculously low prices that will hurt your business finances.

If you use your website often, you'll just tell them:

"Aunty mi, that's how the price is on the website o. I cannot change it. You wee buy it like that"

Now, let’s move on to why customers are not using your website.

Why Your Customers Are Not Using Your Website

There are many reasons why your customers might not be using your website, but I’ll try to highlight a few.

I. They don’t know it exists

Some business owners create their business website on Bumpa and they just leave it like that. Piun. 

They think all they need to do is to create a business website and customers will just find it like Dora the Explorer. It doesn’t work like that. 

Just like products, a website will not market itself. Good products need marketing and visibility, same with great websites.

How often do you share your website link? Is It on all your social media bios? Your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc?

Your promotional materials such as your business card, branded packaging etc is your website there?

How do you want people to know about something you don’t even talk about? 

II. You don’t treat your website like a priority

For example, when you have new products, where do you share them first? Your WhatsApp status, Instagram or on your website? 

If I am your regular customer and I know I will see your new products on your WhatsApp status or your Snapchat instead of your website, it is only normal that I will not visit the website for updates.

III. You don't use your Bumpa app adequately

Some sellers don’t update their app adequately and I will explain. 

The way the Bumpa app works, you can record sales you make from your website, your Instagram, WhatsApp, Jumia or even your physical shop on Bumpa. 

Now, imagine that when you posted a product on your app & website, you have 10 of it in stock, but because you don’t record your offline sales on your app, someone comes to your website to order, but you can't deliver to them because it is out of stock.

How did that happen?

3 people had bought that product in your physical shop. 2 people have ordered through WhatsApp, but you didn't record it on the app, so it still says you have 10 of that product on your website.

If this happens once, twice, your customers will definitely not go back to your website again.

IV. The things on your website are expensive

So, this can happen in either of two ways:

  1. Your pricing system is not solid. What this means is that your customers price your products and can talk you into giving them a product for a lot less than your asking price, which is what will be available on the website. It's only normal that they would rather speak to you in your dm and haggle your price with you than actually go to your website to purchase items.
  2. There's this other side, which is that your goods are way overpriced for whatever reasons 🥶

That would chase people away from using your website or patronizing you well enough.

V. You don’t give them a reason to use the website

If you are reading this article, my bet is that your customers are already used to buying things from you through WhatsApp and other channels. How do you get them to use your website instead?

There are ways around it and I will share them below.

How To Get Customers To Buy From Your Website

I. Give them a reason to visit your website

Like they say, if the mountain will not go to Mohammed, Mohamed will go to the mountain.

You can sell your products at a cheaper price on your website than on your other channels. So, let’s say a bag costs 4500, you can display it for 4400 or 4300 on your website and let them know this price difference when they come to your dm to buy from you. You will be amazed at the number of people that will start buying on your website.

The hack to this is that you include it in your social media bios or header or content that prices are cheaper on your website.

II. Create a reward system

You can create a reward system where you set it up that after a customer buys for the 3rd or 5th time on your website, they will get a 1000 naira discount on their next purchase or they will win a gift on their 4th purchase.

Something like that. This will make more of them go to your website and even come back to buy more. It's a win-win.

In fact, you can also create a reward system for referrals. For example, if one of your customers brings a new customer that buys something from your website, you can offer them a 500 discount on their next purchase and you will be surprised at the number that will start using your website more.

III. Share your website link often

Another way to get customers to actually visit your website is to share it everywhere like stew. Share it on all your social media bios.

In fact, if you are sharing specific images of your products, share them with the product link and you will see that customers will buy from your website.

Also, the customers that come to your dm, when you always redirect them to your website, you will see that they will adapt to it in no time.

IV. Run sweet deals on your website

  • You can run pre-order sales on our website

Pre-order sales are basically sales of products before you actually have them. It can be a case where you have ordered the product from the manufacturer, but it has not arrived yet.

You can let your customers know that you are running pre-order sales, sell it at a price that is cheaper than when the pre-order is over and you can watch how people will buy from your website. 

Everyone loves a good deal and you can create discount codes with your Bumpa app.

For them to use a discount code, they have to use your website. This will definitely increase the number of people that will use your website.

V. Run Ads To Your Website

One great way to get people to use your website, including strangers all over the world is to run ads to your website. Ads are always great to generate traffic.

Bumpa websites can be integrated with a Facebook and Google pixel and therefore you can run Google ads, YouTube ads, Facebook and Instagram ads to your website.

I hope you have learnt a thing or two.

You can share some of your tips and questions relating to business with me at [email protected]. Keep selling!

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