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Welcome to February!

It's my wild guess that you're here because you're looking for ways to make sales as a business owner this Valentine period.

Before revealing the tips, you need to understand why this period is important and understand how it can benefit your business.

There are many public holidays, special celebrations and events in Nigeria and even more internationally.

Most people look forward to these days as a special time to relax or eat special fried rice, but it's different for business owners.

As a business owner, it is very important to make use of special holidays because people buy more during these periods.

For example, I’m sure you’ve seen people do Christmas sales, run Easter promos etc. I mean we also did a Black Friday promo for our customers.

Some business owners even have Special Holiday calendars that they use for planning.

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You can add special days that not recognised nationally and internationally.

For example, if you sell back-to-school products you’ll most likely add the period students resume for new sessions to your calendar & you'll plan towards it.

Valentine's Day Strategy For Business Owners

Valentine’s Day is in 13 days and regardless of what you’re selling, you can make great use of this period. I’ll show you different ways.

  • Run Valentine Discounts

You can run discounts in anticipation of Valentine’s Day and give out coupons and discount codes. In fact, you can name your discount code VAL01. This will make your customers feel loved and will drive them to make more purchases on your website.

The good things is that the Bumpa discount and coupon feature makes this easy. You can set a time for the discount to start and end. When the period is over, all the prices on your website will automatically rest to their original prices.

You can also set it up in a way that only customers that buy a particular amount can receive discounts. For example, you can set it on your Bumpa app, that customers that order from 5000 and above are the only ones that can get a 10% discount.

You can also set your discount to any percentage or any amount.

Click here to read our guide on discount strategies.

  • Sponsor Valentine Events.

There will be events, gatherings, parties etc for Valentine. 

You can sponsor an event that you're sure your potential customers will attend, with an amount you are comfortable with.

Just ensure that the event organisers promote your business and it will yield great returns for your business.

  • Send Proposals.

Initiate conversations and send proposals to event planners or organisations offering your services for their Valentine event. 

Offer to be their official caterer, graphic designer, drinks supplier at a discounted rate. 

If it’s a trade fair or concert, you can be a vendor and pay to get a sales stand.

  • Do Valentine Related Graphics & Content.

Take advantage of this season and start posting videos or content that are love related. 

You can edit love themed TikToks and Instagram reels to promote your business.

Your graphics design for the couple of days can also be coloured red. 

  • Collaborate with other vendors.

Collaboration is sometimes better than competition. I'm sure you've seen these promo things before where you buy Mamador cooking oil & you get a free serving spoon. 

Collaborate with other vendors to create valentine packages. If you sell chocolates, you can collaborate with someone selling teddy bears, perfume oils and sort out your profit sharing formula.

And this period, people are interested in gift boxes with assorted things and a range of services in packages. It's a great marketing tactic.

  • Reward your customers. 

You can simply gift your customers with a product or souvenir in your store for every purchase they make this Valentine season.  Something that won't cost you too much. Add it to every order or to orders above a particular price range.

  • Do A Giveaway/ Competition.

You can run a small competition on your social media page for Valentine.

You can tell your customers to write a love poem or share a story of someone they love etc.

You can repost these entries as content on your social media page.

Additionally, you can surprise them at their houses or offices with gift packages or just or send it to them.

  • Send Your Customers Valentine Messages

You can send your customers cute messages or emails using the messaging feature on your Bumpa app.

For example: 

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue
You are a lovely customer
And I love you.

It's cheesy I know, but it's just an example. 😂

  • Bundle Products.

One cool thing you can do is to bundle products that go together and sell them at a good combo price for Valentine.

If you sell wigs, you can do a wig, hair bonnet & wig stand bundle and sell it at a bundle price that will attract customers. 

  • Treat Yourself. 

Another thing to do is to actually rest.

It’s not everyday that is work. Go on that trip, go to a nice restaurant, relax, celebrate your lover or your lack of one.👀

Business owners also deserve love and enjoyment.

To share more tips with me or give me feedback, shoot me a mail at [email protected] I'd love to hear from you.

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