The very essence of having a small business is making sales. If you don’t sell the products or services you have, your business is literally going to die.

It then makes sense that the very first thing you do after getting a free website on Bumpa is to upload your products on your website so that potential customers can see what you’re selling and patronize you.

It’s a pretty seamless process and I’ll teach you how to do it step-by-step or you can watch a video to learn it here:

  • Open the Bumpa app.
  • Click on the Products icon at the bottom of your screen
  • Click on "Add product or the '+' sign" to add pictures of your product to your website. Note that these are the pictures that will be displayed on your website. Make sure they look nice.
  • Enter the name of your product.
  • Enter the price you want to sell it for.
  • Add a short description of your product. This is the part where you sell your ‘market’. Don’t lie or exaggerate, sell and make it hard not to buy.
  • Add the number/quantity of the product available in your store. If you have ten of that product, write 10 in the box.
  • Select the unit of the product. The unit refers to the way the product is measured. If it’s food in a restaurant, the unit would be 'plate', if it’s clothing materials, the unit would be 'yard.'
  • The next box to be filled is optional and it’s called a product collection.

What are Product Collections?

Product Collections are the equivalents of sectioning in supermarkets. You know how supermarkets have a fruits section, book section? Exactly. We created Collections so that you can group similar items together.

So, if you deal with fashion and you have different kinds of bags, you can create a bag collection. If you then have a customer that only wants to check bags, you can just send them the bags collection instead of making them go through your entire website.

Let’s go to how to create product collections or you can watch a video teaching you how to create product collections by clicking here.

How To Create Product Collections

  • Click on the arrow in the Product Collections box (we’re still on the products page)
  • Click on the green + sign at the top of the page
  • Add the name for the collection in the Collection Title box and click on save.
  • After saving that Collection, click on the box in front of the Collection and click on save.

You will find out that the name of the collection appears in the Product Collection box.

That’s all for product collections.

Let’s go to the last part of uploading products.

Adding More Details

If you want to add extra details like color variations, discount price, etc., to your product, click on the ‘Add More Details’ text in green, under the Product Collection box.

  • Add the name of the option
  • Add the value of the product

Let me explain this section briefly.

You get to choose all the variations of your product. So, for example, if the original product you posted was a green dress, in ‘Option Name’, you can put ‘Green Gucci Dress.’

In ‘Option Value’, you can add the price you’re willing to sell it for.

You can do this for as many different options as you want and as many times as you’d like. If the difference is the size (Like if the 20kg of Mama Gold Rice is more expensive than 35kg, you can create an option for it.) Shebi, it’s your shop na? Your rules.

Additionally, you can write a short explanatory note about the product option in the Product Details. box.

Quick Tip.

You can slide a product left to reveal more actions like edit the product details, share the product link, unpublish it by removing it from your website (not to worry, you can easily publish it again), and finally, you can delete the product.

Another way of sharing the product link is by clicking on the product to view the product details and share the product link at the bottom of the page.

Add products to your store and start making sales today!

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