You would agree with me that in a world where many businesses are competing for the same customers, businesses have to innovate and find something that stands them out from competitors.

It’s in this light and with our dedication to making business easier for you; that we unveil yet another awesome Bumpa feature: Messaging!

What Can You Do with Messaging?

·        You can now send emails and bulk SMS to your customers from the app!

This means that you can write a broadcast message on the app, choose the customer(s) you want to send it to, and choose to either send it as an SMS or email.

The coolest thing about this feature is that you can add pictures to your message

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

i. Easy Communication.

You can easily send campaigns, birthday wishes, weekend &public holiday greetings to your customers. You can also send them notice of flash sales or basically just engage them personally. 

Remember it is the business that stays in touch that will make the most money.

ii. Target Customer Groups

The messaging feature allows you to choose from pre-existing customer groups or create customer groups and send them messages. Think of it as a special WhatsApp bc group.

Bumpa automatically creates 6 customer groups you can choose from:

·       All customers

·      Top 10% of customers by amount spent

·       Customers with O orders

·       Customers with 1 order

·       Customers with no purchase in the last 30 days

But this is not where it ends. You can take total control of your messaging by creating unique customer groups by yourself.

You can create groups for debtors, best customers, customers in Lagos, female customers, etc. so that you can send them messages that actually concern them and can make them buy from you.

Remember that it is the business that communicates that the customer remembers.

We need to add that you can however not enjoy this feature to the maximum if you don’t record your customers on the app. You can upload customers that patronize you online and offline so that you can send messages to all your customers.

How To Use Messaging.

·        Open the Bumpa app

·        Click on the Messaging button at the bottom of the screen.

·        Click on the green + button at the top of the page. It will take you to the ‘Send new message’ page’

·        Enter the name you want to give the campaign. For example, ‘Happy Independence Message’ or ‘Flash Sales’

·        Choose the messaging channel. This is either email or SMS.

·        Click on Select Customer Group

How To Create a Customer Group

·        Click on Create Customer Group

·        Enter the name of the customer group you want to create.

·        Select the customers you want to add to the group

·        Click on the Create Customer Group button.

 Back to messaging......

After selecting your customer group:

·         Enter the title of the message.

·        Write the content of the message in the box.

·         Add a picture if you want.

And there you have it! You have successfully sent your first message on Bumpa!

Like it has been said before, this feature will not serve you well if you don’t record your customers. Here is how to add customers to your Bumpa account:

How To Add A Customer.

·        Open the Bumpa app

·        Click on the Messaging button at the bottom of the home page.

·        Click on the Customers button at the top of the page

·        Click on the green + button at the top of the page.

·         Enter the name of the customer.

·        Add their phone number.

·         You can add extra details like their email address, social media handle, billing address, and even write a short note about the customer.

·        Click on Save.

 And that is a wrap on this new feature! Watch out for more exciting features and articles from Bumpa!

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