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Photo by Noah Näf on Unsplash

There are plenty of reasons why businesses fail and lack of differentiation is one thing that often stays on top of the list. Standing out from competitors is crucial to business success, while most businesses understand this, far too many have failed to put it into practice.

Creating a business that stands out is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of thoughts and brainstorming to see what works and sometimes we are just too close to our businesses to truly see the differentiating quality that makes us stand out.  However, these are some of the many ways to achieve this; deliver extraordinary service, address customer pain points, create a powerful offer or guarantee, surprise and delight your customers, be known as an expert in your field, focus on superior customer service always, create offers that are hard to ignore, solve a problem and deliver your products in top-notch packages.

There are also quite a number of tools that can make your business stand out, a website and an invoice are one of those tools. If you think about it, whenever we decide to make a purchase online, we are influenced heavily by the appeal of a solid legitimate website for the product we are looking for. 

It is not easy to create a successful website, significant thought and effort must be put into the design and usability so that customers stay engaged. This stress is what Bumpa takes away from you, by offering you a website you can set up in less than one minute.

Businesses need to create invoices also to ensure they get paid by their clients. Invoices serve as legally enforceable agreements between a business and its clients, as they provide documentation of services rendered and payment owed. With Bumpa, you can send a customised invoice to your clients when they make purchases from your store. 

To get started with Bumpa, download the app on both the  Apple and Google App stores. Sign up for free to get your website and start making your business stand out. 

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