Photo by @killerfvith

Photo by @killerfvith

The current crisis is first and foremost a human tragedy, however, responding with agility and urgent restructuring for every product and service is very crucial at this point. With offline shopping collapsing, Business owners need to focus on fortifying their web presence and, in most cases, build an online business. That’s why you should leverage on our DIY e-commerce platform for your store.

Salescabal is a DIY e-commerce platform that offers cross functional use, easy set up, optimization, and can be used by even the least of persons with no basic understanding of what digital is. In a time like this, one can only think of a structured and obviously remote way to keep up with sales as an entrepreneur.

The impact of this crisis on retail is already significant, emerging evidence points to a significant shift as customers scale back their shopping in stores and instead go ONLINE, e-commerce now seems to be the new savior!

For instance, online shopping has increased by 15 - 20% in China, and in Italy by 81% compared to the last week of February. Also, US consumers have largely followed the same pattern and you trust Nigeria, we no dey carry last!

Yes, oooiiiinnn! people already on this route or rerouting are doing well. We got some feedback recently.

You see why you shouldn’t hesitate!!!

You see why you shouldn’t hesitate!!!

Moreover, since this crisis started disrupting daily routines globally, the e-commerce revenue jumped up threefold almost overnight and obviously, this denotes that although most people closed their shops, they did not close their business.

and this should also be another reason to join the community at SALESCABAL, our seamless, cross functional e-commerce solution is for SMEs and everyone. You can now set up your online store in much less time than you think, Trust me! It's no big deal at all. 

Our platform is significant to moving quickly and rerouting at a time like this. It’s that time to embrace a productive culture, and experience all of your business in just one place.

Here is a DEMO, you can now sign up for the free version or just do PRIM and go premium. *winks*

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