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How To Record Expenses on Bumpa

Click here to learn how to record expenses on your Bumpa app.

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Bumpa Business Challenge

Apply for the Bumpa business challenge here and stand a chance to win 1 million naira in cash, freebies, and merch.

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How To Record Sales On Bumpa.

This article will show you why recording sales is important for a business owner and how to do it for free on Bumpa.

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How to Upload Products on Your Bumpa Website.

Learn how to Upload Products& Create Product Collections and Links on Bumpa

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How To Receive Payments on Bumpa.

A step by step guide on how to receive payments on Bumpa and request payments from debtors on Bumpa

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How to Use the Messaging Feature on Bumpa.

A step-by-step guide on how to send messages and emails to customers and clients using the Bumpa app.

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5 Apps You Need as A Small Business Owner.

Let's talks about 5 free and essential apps small business owners can use to start, manage and grow their business.

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Making Your Business Stand Out

There are plenty of reasons why businesses fail and lack of differentiation is one thing that often stays on top of the list.

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Positioning your business for growth as an entrepreneur.

Business isn't just about surviving , It's about growth, productive growth which requires rethinking how you position your business.

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The New Trend: Rerouting to e-commerce.

With online sales scaling up to three fold, SMEs, COMPANIES & ENTREPRENEURS need to launch online stores quickly...

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