Bumpa provides the technology to quickly and easily manage your online and offline business.
Bumpa is a mobile-based inventory management app that provides you with oversight on your sales, transactions and customers helping you to track sales across all your sales channels, fulfil orders, receive payments and engage your customers. Your inventory will also be hosted online on your own website and you can manage all these on the app - no technical support or developer needed.
With Bumpa you can get a free website for your business. You can also set up payment and shipping options for your products. Another cool thing you can do on Bumpa is to record your inventory - You can record sales you make on other apps such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Jumia, Jiji and even offline on Bumpa! You can find out more here

How to get Started

Download the iOS or Android app on and register. Registration takes just 30secs and you get your website link immediately after. You can watch this video on how to access your free website link on Bumpa
Yes, you can. To register on the website visit

Products, Sales, Orders

Yes! Adding products to your store using the mobile app is a very straightforward process. Here is a video on how to add a product to your store using the Bumpa mobile app
Adding products on Bumpa is a very seamless process. We created an easy to follow guide on how you can add products to your store. You can watch the video here
Yes, you absolutely can. The best part of this is that you can record orders you get on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and even offline sales all on your Bumpa app. To find out more watch this short video tutorial on how to track your orders using Bumpa
Setting up logistics option is a very easy process. You can select from one of our many logistics partners to help deliver your products across the nation. To find out more you can watch this video on how to request for delivery on the Bumpa app and how to add shipping options to your product
We have made the process of fulfilling orders from your customers a very easy process. Watch this video that explains in details how to fulfill an order on Bumpa
Once the customer visits your website, selects the product and pays for it, you’ll get a push notification and a mail immediately informing you of the sale.

Your online store

You can remove the domain from your website once you purchase a domain name from our partner: Whogohost. You can also upgrade to a premium subscription and you get a free domain name of your choice. You can find out more about the pricing by visiting
Yes, you can. To reset your password visit and follow the instructions on how to reset it
You can start by sharing your website on your social media pages to attract prospective customers. You can also share your product links when you are about to make sales via any other channel including social media.

Premium Store

The premium service is made for those that are ready to do business. With the premium service, you get everything in the free plan and:
  • A free domain name
  • A customized theme for your website
  • Multiple staff accounts for your team, sales rep/agents etc
  • Full analytics on your sales and business
  • Preferred customer support
Here is an example of a premium account:
Go to and click on ‘Start now’ to make payments for the premium service. Your service will be upgraded in 24 hours.

Transaction Charges

Bumpa charges the merchant 1.5% of the online transactions which is deducted during remittance to the merchant’s bank account. Bumpa bears the transfer charges not the merchant.
Settlements are now free and will be less than 48hours after the transaction was made. Transactions below ₦2000 will not be remitted until your balance is upto or more than ₦2000. We are working on a fulfilment system that ensures that funds will be released to the bank account when the customer confirms receipt of purchased item from the logistics partner. This is to avoid fraud and people gaming the system.

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