So, my guess is you saw an ad about Bumpa and how you can create an online store in 60 seconds and you will be gifted N1000 for your very first sale!. Great! This short article will explain what Bumpa is all about, how it can be useful for your business and what we’re offering you as a business owner.

 Bumpa: Every Business Owner’s BestFriend.

Bumpa is a business solutions company that helps business owners manage their business and make sales anytime and anywhere in the world. Bumpa has a free app that is available on both Google Play Store and the Apple store. It also has a web version, in case you prefer using Bumpa on your laptop? Sign up here

 The Perks of Joining Bumpa

These are the benefits of joining Bumpa.

  • Create a free business website in 60 seconds: This website is SEO optimised, therefore it will show your business on Google. You can even run Facebook ads with it. 
  • Sell Products: You can display products, sell goods, receive payment and send payment requests to debtors with Bumpa.
  • Record Keeping: You can use Bumpa to record expenses, sales, debtor details and even customer information. 
  • Control Logistics: You can manage your deliveries to customers with the Bumpa app.
  • Financial Recording: Bumpa will provide financial reports to you. You can track your best selling product, the number of people that visit your website, best customer, profit, losses etc.
  • Messaging: You can send bulk SMS and emails to customers from the Bumpa app.
  • Sales Management: You can use Bumpa to create discounts and coupons for your products, send invoices and receipts to your customers even in their social media DM. payment requests to your customers and so much more!

What Is The Deal We Are Offering You?

When you sign up to join Bumpa, you create your website and get all these benefits for free. 

But there's more!

To celebrate the launch of your website, we want to do something for you. 

When you make your first sale on your website, we will send you a 1000 coupon code that you can send to your first customer. The customer pays 1000 less than your selling price, but we will pay you the full amount.

 What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

 Let me give you a quick example. 

  1. You sign up and create your free website.
  2. Upload your products and include your price.
  3. You get a coupon code worth 1000 naira that you can share with any customer of your choice.
  4. The coupon code gives the customer a 1000 discount on whatever they buy.
  5. The customer pays 1000 less than the selling price but you will receive the original selling price. 
  6. If the product they want to buy is worth 5000, they will pay 4000, but we will remit the full 5000 to your bank account.

Every customer loves a discount!

Why Is Bumpa Doing This?

We want to encourage the launch of your website and help you attract customers by helping you run a discount on your very first sale.

If you have further questions, please send a mail to [email protected]

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