The reward for offering a service or selling a product is to receive money (payment) for it.

Bumpa makes it easy for business owners to receive payment. All you need to do is to add your bank details to your Bumpa account.

Once you receive an order from your website, you will get the funds in your bank account in less than 24 hours.

I need to add that Bumpa charges 1.5% on every sale you make via your website with a cap of N1,000 on any transaction. This is one of the very reasons we constantly try to find ways to improve your business because success for you spells success for us.

I need to add that all payments made to you are safe and secure with Bumpa in partnership with Flutterwave.

Additionally, it's even easier for your customers to pay you because we give them different ways to pay you, which include:

  • Card
  • USSD transfer
  • Bank Transfer and others.

Receiving Offline Payment

Bumpa cares about your physical/offline sales.

Whenever you make a sale in your physical shop or in any way offline, you can still record such payment on your Bumpa account. This is quite important so that you can get a complete view of your business when you get your monthly financial analysis from Bumpa.

How To Request Payment from Debtors on Bumpa

It’s not great for any entrepreneur to have a lot of their money hanging outside.

Some entrepreneurs also find it hard to ask for their money back. This coupled with the fact that some debtors don’t have shame, can put a pause on the flow of capital in your business and cause problems in your business.

Bumpa has made it easier to request payment from debtors. It’s literally, a phone tap away.

Here’s the way to go about that on the Bumpa app:

  • Click on the orders button at the bottom of the dashboard
  • Click on any of the orders that are unpaid or partially paid
  • Click on the Request payment button and that’s all!

They will get an automatic WhatsApp message requesting payment, complete with a link to make payment.

The cool thing about Bumpa is that we love you so much and we always want you to be swimming in money that there’s another way to request payment on the app! Can you imagine that?!

That’s by using the Messaging feature.

You can create a Customer Group for debtors, write them a short message and send it to all your debtors at once.

This message can be a mail or SMS.

Bring your money home and ask a debtor to pay you today!

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