By Precious O'Dahunsi

You probably know that Bumpa is offering coupons worth 5000 to business owners on Bumpa, to help you run discounted BLACK FRIDAY sales for your customers.

How Does It Work?

Every seller on Bumpa that registers for Black Friday receives a unique coupon code.

You get this coupon code via email and you'll see it on the app once you have been approved.

The coupon is worth N5000. 

Basically, you can reduce N1000 from the total order of up to 5 customers that order on your website and we will pay you the full amount.

Your customer walks away happy because they buy the product cheap, you walk away happy because we still pay you the original price on your website.

 The only condition is that these customers can only use the coupon code if they buy goods worth at least N2000.

How Do You Get The Money?

This is how it works: 

  • Your customer goes to your website to make an order
  • When they want to checkout, they input your coupon code in the 'Discount code' box.
  • Whatever they order is reduced by N1000.
  • When we pay you for that order, we pay you the full amount.

A quick example is this: 

If Customer Ayo buys stuff on your website totaling 4000 & he uses the coupon code, all he will pay is N3000.

However, when we are sending you the payment, we will send you the full 4000.

Basically, you're getting N5000 from Bumpa and the chance to get more customers to buy from you because you're running discounted sales.


How Should I Share The Coupon To My Customers?

It's totally up to you!

You can share your coupon code on any social media platform and it will be used for the first 5 customers that order goods worth N2000 and above.

You can run a little competition for your customers and give 5 lucky winners the coupon code to use when they buy products on your website.

You can also decide to give specific loyal customers to use.

PS: Do you know you can use the messaging feature to inform your customers that you're running Black Friday Sales? Genius right? I know.

To register for BUMPA BLACK FRIDAY, click here

Start sharing your coupon code and make more sales today!🚀🚀

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