Photo by @micheile

Photo by @micheile

Every entrepreneur whether big or small, should have strategies to grow their business, positioning your business for growth is one very essential strategy which leaves you with a plan that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but it requires time, effort, consistency, inspiration and commitment. It’s a step to expanding your products, services, marketing reach and customer base. 

Here are a few steps:

Create a Social Outlook: A process which is very key to relating with your customers and interested individuals without stress in your presence and even in your absence too, it expresses it all! Without an outlook it will be hard for your customers to understand what you represent; from your goals, to your market and it’s audience, to your branding (Logo, brand tone, colors, your even your brand authenticity), your social media platform and digital marketing platform(s). Updating your LinkedIn profile regularly is gold and an extremely necessary step too.

  ‘If you don’t have the time or expertise to set up digital media platforms on your own, consider hiring a digital marketer or a social media manager’.

Link your platforms together: Using productive tech-savvy mediums likeDisha to ease a clumsy representation of your business by inserting all important links related to your business including a link to your E-Commerce platform onSalesCabal in one place.  By doing this, you are opening the gates to a wider audience whilst strengthening your brand.    

Build Strategic partnerships: This is a beneficial agreement usually aimed towards productivity. You can partner with non-competing, complementary businesses that have a similar customer base. This gives you access to a huge group of potential new customers at virtually no cost. They add value by extending their process to support you and vice-versa, ease whatever strategy is involved and with the exchange, both partners grow!!!

But before you jump in, there are some important factors you should consider:

1. Reputation: Make sure the company you partner with has a reputation you want to be associated with. 

2. Courtesy: Let the company you are partnering with make the introduction to their customers, and vice versa. It's just good customer etiquette.

3. Incentive: Provide an exclusive offer to these new customers to encourage them to try your services.

4. Recognition: If you're going to market directly to the partnering company's customers, make sure you merge their client information with your own so you don't market to their customers who may also be yours already.

5. Tracking: Make sure you're able to track which new customers come from the other company's customer base so you know if the partnership is equitable. 

Implement Policies, Standards & Processes:

  Policies are the operating principles of a company while standards provide the rules and controls that will help enforce the policy. A process is a series of actions which are carried out to achieve a particular result. A company that has these three elements in place would be accorded in high regard, especially if they remain consistent with it.

Be Innovative, and Put Your Creativity to Work.

 A little creativity can go a long way in enhancing growth. Every entrepreneur should not only be able to identify new challenges/opportunities but also create solutions to tackle and leverage on them for growth. The ability to innovate and create amazing ideas shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Build More Customer Review:

Customer reviews can be a blessing for small businesses, Occasionally, bad reviews could set in but the positives far outweigh the negatives. Customer reviews provide a cheap way to build more exposure and goodwill for your business. What’s more, a growing percentage of customers won’t make a purchase if they don’t see reviews available.

 Here are a few ways to ensure more reviews:

     1.  Collect customer emails at the point of purchase and then email them later for customer appreciation, and to request feedback on the products or services they bought.

      2.  Make sure your online review forms are mobile and user friendly.

      3.   Share reviews on social media platforms to encourage more customers to  patronize your business.

Businesses that aren’t positioned for growth won’t stay in business very long. Successful businesses do not only strategize ways to reach new customers or develop new products but also how to put those strategies into action by positioning themselves for productive growth.


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